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Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services 

Does your child have behaviors that seem different from other children his/her age?

 Is your child struggling in school?  Not reading and writing to their potential? 

Is your child biting, hitting, or kicking to get their needs met?

Are you having a difficult time deciphering if it is sensory or behaviors?

Is your child struggling to read, write or keep up with their work? 

Is your child clumsy?    Unorganized?

Does your child have trouble focusing or following multi-step directions?

Don't just "get through" the day. 

 Mindful Motion Therapy can help your child have the BEST days.

Contact us today. 


(e)[email protected]

Discover, Play, Explore and Learn

Our focus is child-driven occupational therapy designed to facilitate greater client achievement through FUN and play-based therapy.

Contact Us Today!!

   Welcome To Mindful Motion Therapy

Teletherapy & Home Therapy Available

Individualized treatment plans created with you and your child in the comfort of your own home. 

Not comfortable with having us in your home? No Problem! Check out our Teletherapy Services.

Come on In and check out our new office space at 14 Vine St. New Britain. A small space where your child can be themselves and work on the skills they need without the distractions of others.


 Fall Fun Camp is HERE! 

Mindful Motion Therapy will be offering a sensory and fine motor camp in October. The camp will include 4 sessions  where we work on different skills each day. 

Fine Motor

Get ready for some fine motor fun while we dive into tracing, cutting, letter recognition and writing skills while using clothespins, scooter boards, balloons, playdough and so much more!

Sensory Motor: 

We will dive into water beads while looking for spiders and pumpkins and make ghosts in shaving cream while working on our letter formation and finger isolation and we wont stop there!! If your child is sensory deffensive we will work with them on slowly introducing new textures and experiences. 

You wont want to miss this Fall Fun Group


Space is limited to 5 children per time slot


Camp will take place at Compass Wellness Center 

14 Vine St. New Britain CT

[email protected]



Fun and Function Starts Here

Come Play with us at our NEW LOCATION 

14 Vine St. New Britain 



We met Stacy 10 yrs ago, I don't know where my son would be without the tools, strategies and therapy she provided. My son has a rare genetic condition, anxiety and sensory integration disorder. She was always caring, and sensitive to his needs. She was thorough and always made us feel like her priority. My son and I cherish all the help and support she gave us. 

Holly H.