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Available Services and Programs 

Visual Mot​or and Visual Perception

For students with visual motor integration deficiencies, coordinating their visual skills, perceptual skills and fine motor output is so challenging. They tend to have significant difficulty with tasks such as getting thoughts on paper and copying information from the board or a book. Because of this, learning occurs more slowly and overall performance is affected. A child may have trouble following instructions, completing worksheets and assignments and accurately writing answers on tests.

Handwriting and Fine Motor Coordination 

Motor skills are important for a child’s growth and independence. Motor skills are a learned sequence of movements that combine to produce a smooth and efficient action, in order to master a particular task. Good motor control helps a child explore the world around them and develop cognitively. Typically, motor skills are divided into two groups, fine motor skills, and gross motor skills. Both help to coordinate movement but in very different ways.

Sensory Processing 

Sensory integration relates to the ability of the nervous system to organize and modulate certain sensory functions, in order for us to function in everyday situations. Sensory integration dysfunction occurs when a child has difficulties interpreting incoming sensations to the vestibular, proprioceptive and/or tactile systems.

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